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  • VINTAGE CAR tours in Prague
  • TRANSPORTATION - airport, train station, for tours & from/to ships on the Danube
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Don't feel like walking or just want to feel what an old-timer ride feels like?
Karlstejn, Cesky Krumlov, Kutna Hora, Karlovy Vary & more
Take a boat cruise on the Vltava River.  The views from a boat are magnificant, especially in the evening when everything is illuminated.
Prague Private Guides

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May 2020
Dear fellow guests of this wonderful world we live in. 
As you all know, the COVID-19 situation is a worldwide challenge which we all face.  Prague is no exception.  It is heartbreaking to hear the stories of people directly affected and we feel with them.
Prague is on "lockdown", as most countries of the world are today, and will remain so as long as necessary.  Until our government and your government give the go ahead to travel, you cannot visit us and we cannot visit you.  We miss you.  This precaution is necessary of course in order to slow down and win the war against the virus.
The situation in Prague is a lot less serious than in most countries in Europe, Asia and the USA.  It was made mandatory to wear the face masks and stay at home early.  Our students are being taught through the internet.  The new media is making it possible, as well as to stay in touch with friends and loved ones.  Our hospitals are handling the crisis well.  Tomorrows will not be the same.  Maybe better, hopefully not worse, certainly different.  For tourism, it is a major, major blow.  Many people are forced to change professions or find a temporary way of making a living.  Thankfully, our government has been helping us with financial relief.  We hope our welcome tourists will be able to return soon and we will be able to go visit their country.
It is amazing to see our beautiful city, Prague, and country void of people.  The beauty comes out that much more.  The sites and atmosphere are still here as if timeless.  We look forward to welcoming you as soon as it is possible.  We will be ready.
Yes, to the right is a duck family on Charles Bridge in April 2020.  Another tourist all together.  Wait, this is their home!  Along with the swans :-).  The Vltava River is right below.

Farmers Market at Kulatak is reopening on May 2, 2020.  When possible, come and enjoy local faire from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.  Our friends at the honey stall, "Medovy Raj - Maxov" - are waiting to meet you and let you taste their different kinds of honey - directly from the bees - all natural.  Lots of local farmers bring their vegetables, flowers, baked goods, homemade pasta and so much more, it is a culinary delight.  Lots of stalls offering street food as well, along with our wonderful beer.  Spiced wine - svarak, is a favorite "warm me up" staple here as well during the colder months.  Just take the green metro line A to Dejvicka and once you get off, you can't miss it.  A large sign says "Farmarske Trhy" , farmers market.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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Some of our clients take European boat cruises.  Although Prague is on a river, the Vltava, this river is not navigable for most ships.  Visitors to Prague are often cruising on the Danube, Main or Rhein Rivers , coming to Prague before or after their cruise.  Then they need a transfer to or from city, where their ship comes in or leaves from.  They often do not want to take advantage of the bus transfers offered by the cruise line but prefer a personal approach. 

We are happy to take you to your ship or pick you up there.  Please see the distances below as well as further details and prices

Also, should you want to visit another city in Europe from Prague, this is a helpful guide, letting you know how far the closest major European cities are from Prague.

Some distance from Prague to other European cities.

Prague to/from ……………….
listed in clockwise manner - click on this link for a map

Berlin – 358 km/222 miles – driving time 4 hours - Dresden – 157 km/ 98 miles – driving time 2 hours - Krakow– 539 km/335 miles – driving time 6 hours
Warsaw – 673 km/418 miles – driving time 8.5 hours - Bratislava – 329 km/205 miles – driving time 3.5 hours - Budapest – 529 km/ 329 miles - driving time 5.5 hours
Vienna – 331 km/ 206 miles - driving time 4 hours - Salzburg – 378 km/ 235 miles – driving time 5 hours - Nuremberg – 298 km/ 185 miles – driving time 3 hours
Passau – 218 km/ 136 miles – driving time 3.5 hours - Munich – 383 km/ miles – driving time 4 hours - Paris – 1,033 km/ 642 miles – driving time 10 hours

The driving time is the fastest way, not taking into account any traffic delays, etc.  Some cities are connected via a fast, 4 lane highway (Autobahn, expressway, etc.), some are not.  This explains the time being longer despite the distance being shorter than other cities.