Tours outside of Prague - in the Czech Republic

Crystal Factory Tour - 4 hours
Visit a Bohemian Crystal factory in a pretty, country setting and see how the beautiful, Czech glass is made.

Karlstejn Castle - 6 hours
Visit this 14th century castle build by Charles IV, our most beloved king.

Terezin Memorial - 6 hours
This infamous former concentration camp is a memorial today.  Get the history and visit the sites.

Kutna Hora - 6 hours
This sleepy little town is the home of a beautiful cathedral, several silver mines but also a very interesting ossuary.  A church decorated with human bones from about 40,000 people who died long ago, mostly during the 30 year war, 1618-1648.

Karlovy Vary Spa Town - 10 hours
Visit the famous spa town founded by king Charles IV, where you can taste the healing waters and enjoy beautiful architecture as well as the verdant surroundings.

Cesky Krumlov - 10 hours
This quaint, small village situated close to the spring of the Vltava River has a renaissance castle, meandering streets and lots of cute shops and restaurants.

Konopiste Castle - 6 hours
Archduke Ferdinand bought and renovated this castle for his beloved wife, Sophie Chotek.  Visit the interior and gardens.

Hluboka Castle & Ceske Budejovice - 9 hours
The castle has been used in many international movies.  The nearby town, where the original Budweiser beer is brewed is also worth the visit. 

Bead Tour - 10 hours
Are you a professional beader?  Then you know the famous, beautiful Bohemian glass, beads.  Visit the factories and get them at wholesale prices.

Pilsner Urquell Brewery Tour - 6 hours
Beer is our most prized export product and we certainly consume lots of it our selves.  Come see the production of the most famous brewery in the Czech Republic.

Skoda Car Factory Tour - 6 hours
Our number one product are the Skoda cars, sold all over the world.  Come see how they are made.

Moravian Karst - dripstone caves - 12 hours
Our most beautiful dripstone cave - Macocha - the Stepmother - is on this tour along with several others.  Simply beautiful what nature can create!