PPG Catie

PPG Catie

Whois PPG Catie? 

Catie has been drawn by a very talented artist, Mr. Lubomir Hogenauer.  If you like to contact him, please write to:  design@hoge.cz Needless to say, she is copywrited and cannot be copied or reproduced without my permission.  You knew that :-).

However, the model is a real live, wonderful Calico kitty that is in charge of our office.  Well, she is not alone.  She has her sister Misa and her cousin Dasenka to help her.  Catie and Misa re only 4 years old.  Their cousin Dasenka is already 14.  All three come from a little village south of Prague, Kochnov, where they were born in a barn above the wood and coal that’s kept there for the winter.  Their mother and presumably father were semi feral cats that have decided to call this their home. 

4 years ago, having a vacancy at my home for kitties, I asked my friend that lives there to bring me kittens - boy and a girl.  Well, it's hard to tell them apart when they are little so they are both girls!  We love them just the same.

The first 3 weeks were very tough.  They were afraid, hid under everything and anything and it took patience, a process of opening up their „living space“ one room at a time, lots of love and food before I gave up.  I called my friends and said „Look, these girls just don’t want to be here.  I think it would be best if you took them back“.  As if Catie understood me – she is a truly mystical cat.  She came over to me, sat on my lap and started purring!  Cats!  So, needless to say, I kept them or better said, they decided to keep us and it’s been fun loving TLC sessions, broken dishes, wonderful chases all over the house – your typical cat life in a cat friendly household.  Dasenka is not impressed but it gives all three something to do all day, beside sleep, eat, play, groom themselves and each other.  They have learned to get along. 

Playing a big part in the ancient folklore and history of many cultures, Calico cats were always seen as peaceful, hopeful and lucky kitties. 95% of them are girls and in history, they have been bringing luck and love to the families they chose to call their own.  Catie is our diplomat but prefers men.  Any male that comes to the house becomes an automatic cat tree and thankfully does not mind.  They are warned in advance and don’t seem to care that they take cat hairs home with them.

Catie likes to hang out in the office with me so she has become our mascot, working as hard as everyone else, if not harder.  

Misa and Catie hard at being cats.  I call this picture "what love looks like".