There are many places to shop in in Prague. 

As in other places, there are lots of inexpensive, non-local trinkets of questionable origin.  However, some Prague shop do pride themselves on being only Czech or Bohemian.

Our favorite is Erpet (Prague shop).  Not only is it located directly across from the Astronomical Clock, a place most people vist, they offer genuine, quality merchandise as well as superior service.  Receive a 5-8% discount with our coupon.  Please click on the Erpet Coupon, download it, print  it and bring it with you for your discount. is another.  This is my very own creation.  The beautiful, hand crafted, silver and Bohemian bead angel comes in seven colors of the chakras, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and white.  

There are Christmas Angels, Black and White, Prague Angel Candies, Prague Hopi and more.