Skoda Car Factory Tour

To order this tour, please send us an email to, letting us know which tour you would like, which date and for how many people.  We will confirm your request within the next 24 hours.  Thank you. 

The Skoda car factory, owned by Volkswagen today, is not only one of the most modern car manufacturing plants in the world, it is one of only a few offering tours through it’s facility.  Have you ever wondered how cars are made?  This tour will explain just that.  Once you are picked up at your hotel by your professional, English speaking guide and the vehicle of the right size for your party, we take you to Mlada Boleslav, a town about a 45 minute drive north of Prague.  The Skoda Car Company was founded in 1895 by Vaclav Laurin and Vaclav Klement and over the years has produced a huge range of classic automobiles. Before WWII, Skoda was a pioneer in many fields and produced some of the finest cars of its day.  During the communist regime, the factory produced somewhat lessor quality cars but when Volkswagen took over, shortly after the change, they invested heavily and now Skoda is one of it’s many brands.  Having German engineering and modern production, the quality of the automobiles has come up to surpass many competitors.

Your tour begins at the Skoda Museum, with a film on the history and development of the Skoda car production.  Next, you tour the historic cars on display, some dating from the origins of the factory and all beautifully restored to their former glory.  Then you are taken to the actual factory for a visit of both, the engine as well as the assembly production.  You will be impressed by the cleanliness as well as efficiency of the facility. 

For groups that don't want or need our guide and transportation from Prague, please connect with the Skoda factory directly.  If you do need us to take care of the mandatory reservation and/or and get you your tickets for you, we will be happy to do that but need to send at least our guide.  

Duration:  approximately 6 hours

Please note, for safety reasons this tour is not available to children under 10 years old.

Prices are in EURO

Guide only
in case you have your own transport
Guide, driver, car 
+ up to 2 people
Guide, driver, van 
+ up to 6 people
Approximate entrance fees 
per person
EUR 175
EUR  450 EUR 480
EUR 30