Folklore dinner with show

Weddings, arrival of spring, the harvest and other seasonal celebrations are often accompanied by singing and dancing in the Czech folklore dresses and costumes.  Food and drink are also abundant.  Come join us in such a celebration. 

Your evening includes your transportation to and from the venue from any hotel in Prague, an abundant dinner - see choices below - and unlimited wine and beer as well as softdrinks.  The show consists of dancers, singers, a band with traditional instruments such as a dulcimer, violins and more.  Join the dancing, or not, and enjoy the festivities.

Choose from different menus.  We need to know which menu you choose in advance please.  Let us know while ordering.  If we don't get this information, we will order Menu #1 automatically.  Menu #II is suitable for Jewish clients who do not include pork in their diet. 

All include unlimited wine, beer or soft drinks and coffee as well as a glass of sparkling wine.

Menu I:  Becherovka (aperitif), halusky - Bohemian gnocchi with sauerkraut and ham, mixed meats on a skewer, cream potatoes, crockets and vegetables - crepes with fruit, ice cream and whipped cream

Menu II:  Becherovka, cream of mushroom soup, beef goulash with home made potato crockets, apple strudel with walnuts and whipped cream

Menu III:  Becherovka, Bohemian roast duck, red cabbage, potato pancakes, pancakes with blueberries and sour cream

Duration: approximately 3.5 hours

A guide is not necessary for small groups or individuals.  For larger groups, one is recommended to take care of all formalities.  A slight change in the menus is possible due to availability of fresh ingredience, etc.  Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions and we will try to accommodate your wish.

                                                                               Prices are in EUROS 

3 course Dinner, unlimited wine, beer and softdrinks, the show and transportation to and from your hotel in Prague

EUR 65 per person

For groups, please inguire at
We will be happy to provide you with the meal with show and with or without a transfer from the hotel