Bead Tour

For professional bead buyers!

To order this tour, please send us an email to, letting us know which tour you would like, which date and for how many people.  We will confirm your request within the next 24 hours.  Thank you. 

Have a passion for beading and want to purchase your supplies at really low, low prices?  This is for you.

Northern Bohemia is certainly one of the main providers of glass beads in the world.  Located only about 1 hours drive from Prague, it is a perfect place to visit for those who are interested in beads and glass pearls.  Not only will you see how these beautiful objects are made, you can purchase them wholesale at significant savings.  The Bohemian North has always been a place where the glass pearls and beads were manufactured.  The local sand is the right kind for glass making and the thick forests assured ample wood for the glass melting ovens. 

As some of you know, there are several kinds of glass beads.  Here we have two kinds, the pressed and the hand formed beads, also known as lamp beads, the famous, excellent quality Bohemian Beads.

Please note, as much as this tour is very rural, introducing you to the typical, beautiful, mountainous Czech countryside, this tour is not a sightseeing tour.  It is a tour designed for people whose hobby or profession includes glass beads and pearls - the main focus of this tour.

Your driver/guide picks you up at your hotel and takes you to Zelezny Brod, where some of the best lamp beads are made. There, visit a place where the hand formed beads are made. You can purchase their designs or make your own with their unique lamp beads.  Watch the artist make individual, hand formed beads, each being an original, a work of art. 

Continue to Jablonec nad Nisou where we visit more bead stores.  These stores gather beads from many factories in the area, therefore, you can find them all in one place.

Driving time round trip from Prague:  3 hours

IMPORTANT!  Please note, the stores and factories are closed on Saturday and Sunday. 

Duration:  approximately 10 hours

For more than 3 people, please inquire directly at  The cost will depend on the number in your group - i.e. the size of the vehicle needed. 

Prices are in EUR

Driver/guide with car 
+ up to 3 guests

Approximate entrance fees 
per person

EUR 295