Czech COMMUNISM and bunker visit

History of Czech Communism and bunker visit

Visit the museum of communism, the former nuclear bunker and the so called "projects" outside of the city center.

From 1948 to 1989 Czechoslovakia (as of 1993 the Czech Republic) was a communist country.  Find out what life was like under the communist regime.  Schooling, living conditions, goods availability, the whole philosophy and more.  Visit the Museum of Communism with actual footage of the 1968 Soviet invasion, the slogans, the “why” and “how” of this form of dictatorship.  Visit an actual nuclear bunker built for the “chosen few” to withstand a nuclear attack.  Visit the memorial of Jan Palach and Jan Zajic, students that burned themselves in protest in 1969, as well as the memorial of the November 17th, 1989 Velvet Revolution.

Your professional, English speaking guide will pick you up at your hotel and take you by the transport of your choice and necessity to the city center where your tours begins.  Visit the Wenceslas Square where the Warsaw Pact troops marched in in 1968, the Velvet Revolution Memorial, as well as the “projects” where people lived and some still live, built during the first years after WWII.  

The tour includes a private tour with a bunker guide requiring reservations.  Please let us know well in advance.  Thank you.

Duration:  about 6 hours

To visit "the projects" outside of the city center, a vehicle is necessary.

A driver/guide version is not available for this tour since there is no parking in the inner city of Prague and many sites can only be visited while walking.  A driver/guide could not leave the vehicle and walk with you to these sites.

Prices are in EUROS. 

Guide, driver, car 
+ up to 2 guests
Guide, driver, van 
+ up to 6 guests
Approximate entrance fees
per person
EUR 280
EUR 350
EUR 25