The city of Prague is known as the golden city of a hundred spires  

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This is actually a misnomer because there are over 200 churches here with over 400 spires.  Our Christian religious past starts in the 9th century with Cyril and Methodius, two brothers from Greece, who were commissioned to bring Christianity to Bohemia.  Within a short time, this country and the city of Prague have become a strong Christian community with many beautiful churches.  Some of them survived the times and your tour takes you to the most important ones.

After you are met in your hotel by your professional, English speaking guide, you will be taken by the transportation of your choice (car, van, bus or public transportation) to the top of the Castle Hill, to Loreta.  This is the baroque church built around the "Casa Santa", the copy of the original dwelling, now located in Loreto, Italy.  When located in Nazareth, the original "Casa Santa" was the house in which the Holy Mother was told of her special role, of becoming the mother of Jesus.  The Czech Loreta has a copy of the "Casa Santa", a black Madonna, a treasury with a "monstrance" adorned with 6,222 diamonds and a beautiful church.  Then you walk into the Castle complex and visit the most important church in the city, St. Vitus Cathedral.  This is the home of St. Wenceslas Chapel, our patriot saint.  Walking down from here, you will visit the St. Nicholas Church, a beautiful baroque piece of work of the Dietzenhofer family.  The symbol of the city of Prague is the so called "Infant Jesus of Prague" ... an approximately two feet (3/4 meter) tall statue of the infant child which was brought in from Spain in the 17th century.  It is the patriot saint of the country of the Philippines as well as a favourite place to visit with all Christians of the world.  After visiting the church where this "Baby Jesus" is located, cross the famous Charles Bridge, built in 1357,  with it's 31, mostly religious statues. 

Then it's onto the Old Town Square with the statue of Jan Hus, the famous reformer of the 14th century.  This is also the site where on June 21, 1621 the reformed 27 leaders of "Battle of the White Mountain" were beheaded, after they lost the battle a year earlier.  Crosses and their names still mark the spot.  You view the church of St. Tyn where Tycho Brahe, the Danish astronomer is buried, visit the St. Jacobs church, where the best sounding organ of Prague is located as well the shrivelled up arm of the thief, that had to be amputated when he "got stuck" to the statue of the Virgin Mary, whom he tried to rob.  Your tour finishes at the Church of our Lady of the Snows (the tallest church in Prague with 92 meters/31 feet) and the Franciscan Gardens, in the city center.

A driver/guide version is not available for this tour since there is no parking in the inner city of Prague and many sites can only be visited while walking.  A driver/guide could not leave the vehicle and walk with you to these sites.

Duration: approximately 4 hours

Prices are in EUROS.

Guide only 

Guide, driver, car 
+ up to 2 guests

Guide, driver, van 
+ up to 6 guests

Approximate entrance fees 
per person

EUR 130

EUR 250

EUR 280

approx. EUR 35

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