BREWERY Tour in Prague

It is a well known fact that the brew masters in the Czech Republic brew some of the best beer in the world.  There are many breweries in the country with one large brewery right n the heart of Prague.  Staropramen brewery was founded in 1869 and it has been keeping thirst away from "Praguelites" ever since.  A world class visitor center has been recently opened and it is now possible to learn all about beer making right in Prague.  

Once your professional, English speaking guide meets you in your hotel, you travel together by public transportation or the transportation of your choice to the brewery. There, you take a tour during which the process of beer making is explained in a modern and entertaining way, the facility is shown with all of it’s components and at the end, you get to taste this “liquid gold”, as some people call it. If you take the morning tour, stay for lunch in the brewery restaurant next door if you like and continue with our national “sport”, beer tasting and enjoyment of it. Typical Czech specialties such as pork knee, dumplings, gulash, "the utopenec" (a drown man - i.e. pickled sausage) can be chosen from the menu.  All varieties of Staropramen beer are available to order.

We will make the needed reservations for you.

We suggest taking public transportation or your guide will be happy to set up a taxi or van to bring you to the brewery.

Duration of the brewery tour hotel - hotel: about 4 hours.

Duration of the brewery tour once there:  50 minutes

Prices are in EUR

Guide only

with public transportation

Approximate entrance fees
per person

EUR 120

plus public transport fees

 EUR 15-25

depends on beer tasting chosen