All Private Tours

These and any custom tours are PRIVATE - only you.

We would be happy to provide you with any itinerary you wish.  If you have any specific places you would like to visit, please let us know. 

However, since most people do not have a specific itinerary in mind, we have put together these tours.  They represent the most popular, beautiful and interesting places. 

The number of hours for each tour is a realistic statement based on experience.  Your tour is not rushed, each place visited is given it's right due time and you get the sense that you really got to know the place.  Breaks are built in as needed, so you can enjoy each place. 

In Prague

Short & Sweet - 2.5 hours
Need to cover the most important sites in the shortest time?  This tour is for you.

Prague Overview Tour - 4 hours
The most popular tour for those of you who only have one day in Prague.  It covers all the highlights.

Prague Old & New Town - 4 hours
A detailed tour of the Old and New Town.  Old Town and Wenceslas Squares, Astronomical Clock, walk throught the Jewish Quarter and more.

Prague Castle Area - 4 hours
A detailed tour of the Hradcany district with the Prague Castle, Strahov Library, Loreto and more.

Vintage Car Tour - 1 or 2 hours
Operates from spring to fall, take an "oldtimer ride: through the streets of old Prague.

Full Day Tour of Prague - 8 hours
A detailed tour of the Old and New Towns of Prague, Jewish Quarter, the Castle Area and more.

Jewish Quarter - 3 hours
A detailed visit of all the Jewish sights of Prague.

Christian Tour - 4 hours
A walk through Pragues' Christian history.  Visit the most important churches and Christian sites.

Layover Tour - up to 8 hours
Flying in early and leaving later that day?  This tour is for you.

Airport and other transfers
We will be happy to pick you up or take you back to the airport or any one of our train stations.  Just let us know the details. 

Outside of Prague in the Czech Republic

Bead Tour - 10 hours
Are you interested in how the Czech beads are made?  Sell them or work with them?  Buy them wholesale?  This is the tour for you.

Castle Karlstejn - 6 hours
Visit this Charles IV favorite castle built by him in the 14th century.

Castle Karlstejn and the Crystal Factory - 8 hours
Combine the castle tour with a visit to a crystal glass factory.

Crystal Factory - 4 hours
Visit a glass factory and lear how these beautiful glass objects are made first hand.  Show wholesale after the tour.  This tour is possible in the morning, Monday through Friday when the factory is open to visitors.

Castle Konopiste - 6 hours
Visit the hunting lodge of Archiduke Ferdinand and his wife Sophie, the couple killed in Sarajevo in 1914 by Gavrillo Princip.

Castle Krivoklat - 6 hours
Visit this beautiful castle missed by most tourists.

Kutna Hora - 6 hours
A tour to the silver mining town as well as the famous "ossuary", a chapel decorated with bones of 40,000 people, who dies mostly during the husite wars of the 15th, 16th and 17th century.  A very unique place.

Castle Hluboka and Ceske Budejovice - 10 hours
Visit the real Budweiser Brewery in Budweis as well as this beautiful Schwarzenberg Castle.

Cesky Krumlov - 10 hours
This beautifully intact medieval town awaits you.  Cobble stone streets, a castle, ghosts, the works.

Karlovy Vary - 10 hours
Taste the water in this beautiful spa town.  Enjoy the splendid architecture and natural surroundings.

Moravian Karst - 12-13 hours
This is a must for all geology and speleology buffs as well as anyone interested in beautiful dripstone formations.  The karst is one of the largest in the world.

Skoda Car Factory Tour - 5 hours
Take a tour of the Skoda factory.  Visit the museum and see some of the old models, see one of the most modern car manufacturing facilities and learn all about the car industry.

Terezin Memorial - 6 hours
A visit to the infamous concentration camp and town.

Outside of the Czech Republic

Dresden - Germany - 12 hours
Take a day trip to Germany and this jewel on the elbe river.

Auschwitz - Poland - 20 hours
As much as we would prefer for you to take more time, a day tour to this infamous concentration camp in Poland is possible.

Auschwitz and Krakow - Poland - 2 days
Combine a tour to a beautiful town of Krakow with a visit to the infamous concentration camp of the nazis in Poland.

Vienna - Austria - 14 hours
As much as we would like to encourage you to take more time, it is possible to see Vienna from Prague in one day.