Transportation from the Prague airport

How to get from Airport

After you get off your flight in Prague, you will have several options of arriving at your destination: private transfer, public transportation, taxi or a shuttle company.

The most comfortable is to pre-arange a transfer.  Just let us know which flight you are coming in on, how many people and we will meet you outside of customs and take you directly to your hotel.

Public transportation provides the cheapest way of getting to downtown Prague.  It is fairly easy to use, reliable, and runs frequently.  However a degree of sense of adventure is needed since most signs are only in Czech.  Public transport will include walking, changing modes of transportation and the buses and subway can be crowded, so if you have a lot of luggage, this creates a problem.  "Vystup" means "exit".

Below is a price comparison for a 2-person transfer between the Prague airport and the city center (prices are quoted as of September 2006 and can be changed without our knowledge so except for our own transfer, we cannot guarantee them):

Private “meet and greet” service
send us an email –  and let us know which flight you are arriving with. Your driver will be standing in front of the customs area with a sign and take you to your hotel.

850 CZK


How:  go outside the arrivals terminal, get in the taxi line and wait for your cab which will take you to your hotel for a fixed price.

AAA Airport Taxi: 650 CZK
City Taxi: 400 – 600 CZK

Shuttle companies

How:  go outside the arrivals terminal, find your shuttle representative, get in the assigned van and wait for it to fill – then drop of at different hotels as needed

ČEDAZ (shared ride): 480 CZK
Prague Transfers: 550 CZK
Prague Airport Shuttle: 650 CZK

Public transportation

How:  find the Public Transportation booth in the arrivals area, purchase tickets and get information.  Go to assigned area of the airport, get onto your listed bus which will take you to the Metro stop, continue via metro to your stop in the center or to another change hub.

40 CZK plus a luggage fee