If you bring your laptop, the telephone connector is the same in the modern hotels in Prague as in the USA, no need to get another. However, some of the cheaper, smaller hotels still have the old plugs, which will not work with yours. You will need to make sure your laptop can handle 230v ... if not, it’s toast! ... and that you have the proper plug. However, make sure you know your providers local telephone number and are prepared to pay the extra charge (AOL charges about $7 per hour). Still, using the hotel telephone to connect to the internet and onto your email is very expensive. The hotels charge large per minute fees (as much as $5 per minute ... some of them) to stay connected ... this in addition to the above providers extra fee. The business center of your American chain hotel has a computer with everything you need right there ... also for a large price. This differs greatly from hotel to hotel. The easiest and cheapest way is to visit an internet cafe, have a latte, pick up your mail, answer it and enjoy your walk on the way there and back. All for a fraction of the price of the hotel. Your guide will be glad to give you the location of the nearest internet cafe.