Shopping in Prague

Shopping has become as much a part of "getting to know a place" as the "must see" sites of any city.

Shopping in Prague

Prague is best known for it’s great beer, good wholesome food, the Bohemian crystalporcelaingarnetswooden toys, decorative boxes made from wood to bark to almost anythingglass Christmas ornaments, hand painted Easter eggs, marionettes and more. 

The glass is made mostly in the western part of our country, but there are factories throughout.  Should you want to visit a glass factory, we can make the arrangements.  Garnets are our national semi-precisious stone and are mined in our country.  The beer gets it's great flavor from the water and the knowhow of our brew masters, they say.  It is made only with the basic ingredience ... water, hops, yeast and whatever grain is used (wheat, barley, etc.).  NO PERSERVATIVES!  The marionettes have become the national symbol of our Czech theater.  During the time of the Austro-hungarian Empire, the only performances in Czech were fairytales for children done with puppets! 

There are many places to shop here from large, reputable stores to small, curbside vendors and open markets. On all merchandise, please make sure that the manufacturer is clearly marked such as Bohemia Crystal, Swarowski, etc., to make sure that the item is genuine. It is possible to bargain with some of the street vendors, however not in the bona fide stores.  Should you not be from the European Union, such as the USA, Canada, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc., you are entitled to the tax back.  Please see our "Welcome to Prague Letter" for instructions on how to get it back.

There are several stores that have been tested and tried by us and we would like to recommend them to you.  They give you, the customer, excellent service, language knowledge, prices that are comparable to other stores and some give a discount, which is always appreciated.  They also offer clean, free of charge restrooms and some even offer free refreshments. 

One of these companies is ERPET.  From crystal chandeliers to glassware to Goebbel, to Moser to just about everything, they have it all.  They are located right accross from the famous Astronomical Clock on Old Town Square and they offer a 5% discount.  They do ship, however, this service tends to be costly so please check.  Please click ERPET for the discount coupon.  

Another is Celetna Crystal with several stores such as Rott Crystal, Swarowski and Celetna 7 in Prague and Celetna Crystal in Karlovy Vary.  Your private guide should be able to give you their discount coupon.  Ask for it.  If he/ she doesn't have it, we can have it sent to your hotel since they do not accept coupons printed from the internet.  Please let us know.