Prague is in Central Europe and therefore has the same climate with places such as Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Munich or others. This would be comparable to Washington DC, New York, Baltimore, etc. Therefore, check before you go. Most internet providers will give you the weather anywhere in the world. Winters tend to be cold with temperatures well below freezing.  Spring is usually very nice with temperatures into the 20oC (70oF) during the day but colder at night. Summers tend to be warm with temperatures into the 30oC (90oF), but even during the summer, we suggest bringing some warm clothes as it may get cold very fast.  Also, do realize the elevations you will be going into.  The higher you will be, the colder. Prague is at 180 – 390 meters (600 – 1300 feet) above sea level and situated in a basin, therefore, pretty warm. Do bring an umbrella as it does rain at times. 

Should you find something that you feel should be a part of this list, please let us know and we will be happy to include it..