Public Transportation

Prague Public Transportation

Prague has an excellent public transportation system.  There are trams (streetcars), busses and the metro (subway).  They all use the same tickets which can be purchased in the metro stations, in most tobacco and press shops, some hotels, etc.  They cannot be purchased in most trams, busses or in the subway car.  Just follow English instructions on the ticket.  The CZK 30 tickets are good for 30 minutes of unlimited travel with transfers.  The CZK 40 ticket is good for 90 minutes of unlimited travel. 24 hour ticket is CZK 120 and trhe 72 hour ticket is CZK 330.  Please make sure you validate your ticket as you enter the metro station, tram or bus.  These yellow machines are located on posts as you enter.   An invalidated ticket is the same as no ticket and if checked by the metro personnel, there is a large penalty payable on the spot.

The Subway or Tube ... or Metro - as it is called in Prague, has 3 lines - A. B. C - green, yellow and red.  They run frequently.  Mostly 4 minutes apart during rush hour and 6 minutes apart outside of that.  They usually run until midnight.  Please check on the day of your travel for any restrictions.

Please see the current metro map below and for more information, please go to the official website of the Prague Intergraded Public Transport - DPP.