Easter in the Czech Republic

Easter in our country is a celebration enjoyed by all.  Not only due to the religious reasons, it is also considered the start of spring.  On Easter Sunday, children color their Easter eggs, the traditional "mazanec" was baked (a round, sweet bread with almond slices, raisins and a cross drawn into the dough), and boys and men go looking for young branches of a willow tree to make their "pomlazka", needed for Easter Monday. 

What is a "pomlazka"?  It is a stick made of braded, young willow branches. On Easter Monday, boys and men take their "pomlazka" and go door to door, smack the ladies of the house with the "pomlazka" over their bottoms, thus giving them the youth associated with the young and subtle willow branches.  Traditionally, ladies have colored eggs, shots of alcohol or both ready to give in return.  They also tie a colored ribbon onto the end of the "pomlazka".  Beware of the "pomlazka" with many ribbons!  Each ribbon represents a shot of alcohol (usually Slivovice - a plum brandy) which has been given to the man!  The smacking may not be so gentle if there are many! 

Churches celebrate the traditional Christian Easter.  Most churches in the Czech Republic and Prague are catholic.  However, many protestant or Husite churches are here as well.

In 2019, Easter Sunday is April 21, 2019.