Strahov Library

Strahov Monastery

This picturesque building complex overlooking the castle and Prague is a Premonstratensian order monastery, founded in 1140 by Vladislav II. The present baroque shape was acquired in the latter half of the 17th and during the 18th century (J. B. Mathey, A. Lurago, I. J. Palliardi). Within the monastery precincts there are the church of the Assumption (1743 - 1752), the Strahov picture gallery, the valuable Strahov library with a large number of medieval illuminated manuscripts, maps, globes and graphics, the baroque Theological Room (1671 - 1679), and the classicist Philosophy Room (1785 - 1794) decorated with fresco paintings of A. Maultbertsch and Nosek.  Both of these halls are a prime example of impressive baroque wall paitings and much more.