DMC Services

When you look for a destination agent in a city you plan to host your company party, seminar or any group gathering, you need a strong, flexible and knowledgeable partner. 

We are your obvious choice for a destination partner in Prague.  We have experience, know-how, flexibility and references to suit your every wish.

We frequently set up all destination services for groups of 2 to 250 and have been doing so in Prague for the past 15 years.  Our managing director, Blanka M. Lukes, has lived in the USA and Germany, prior to coming to live in Prague and has worked in the tourism industry for over 30 years.  She brings her expertise of global knowledge, organizational skills and customer service to make Prague PG your first choice in destination management.

We arrange:

- Hotels.
- Professional, private guides speaking many languages.
- Tours in Prague and the Czech Republic.
- Tours to neighboring cities such as cities in Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Austria.
- Transportation to any and all European destinations by private, modern cars, vans, minibuses and busses of the required size.
- Organizational assistance that stays with you from start to finish, making sure everything runs as you require.
- Boat cruises with or without catering.
- Boat cruises with a special theme such as dancing for your guests with a DJ or band.  Band on board to entertain you with jazz, classical, etc.  With a magician performing for you, medieval dinner with band, etc.  You let us know what theme you would like.
- Vintage car tours through Prague for individuals as well as groups of up to 60 at one time.
- Special interest tours such as:
   “Food tours” going to several restaurants and tasting Czech food
   “Cooking classes” – learn to make dumplings or other Czech specialties
   “Czech Beads Tours” – visit Bohemian bead factories and purchase them wholesale.
   “Communism tours” visiting a real former nuclear bunker and much more.
   “Segway tours”
   “Architectural tours”
   "Any tours you want us to arrange"

Let us know how we can arrange your next meeting in Prague – one of the most beautiful cities of our world.

Just email us with your requirements and we will get back to your within 48 hours with quotes and ideas.

Direct email to Blanka M. Lukes, our Managing Director –