Why a private guide


If you are traveling alone, with your significant other or a small group of friends, there is no better way to see this beautiful city than with your own, personal tour guide. The advantages are countless but let us mention just a few:


You name your own time, place and what you want to see ... with our helpful suggestions. 
You don’t have to conform to a group schedule, you make your own. 
You can stop where you want to, when you want to and for how long you want to ... no more missed photographs because the group was moving on.

You see much more

You get to see much more than with a cumbersome tour group that may have a member or two who may not be able to keep up. 
Go see that “must see” in the guidebooks that is not on the itinerary but you may have discovered on your own.

You can limit the sights to your pace

Go at your own pace. You may have your own personal limitations that prevent you from travelling at the pace of others. With a personal guide, no more feeling guilty that you are holding everyone up. We conform to you.

More information

You can easily hear and communicate with your guide because he or she is speaking only to you. Ask as many questions as you like, discuss the subject in debth ... or not at all. It’s up to you.

The personal approach

With a private guide, touring Prague becomes a more personal and satisfying experience.