Treasure Hunt in Prague Game

For any group, from a family to school groups, to corporate team building groups, we have created a game called “the Treasure Hunt”.  Have educational fun as well as bring your group members closer together in an inspirational, competitive, positive way.

This game is best suited for:

  • - Team Building for corporate groups.
  • - School groups.
  • - Group fun for any size group or reason traveling together.
  • - Family Fun.

How does it work?

We provide you with the game, based on places and historical events in Prague (other places in the Czech Republic can be created as well). 

Your group divides into 2 or more groups.  Each group receives instructions as to where to start and a map of Prague.  The starting point is somewhere in the city such as “under the horse on Wenceslas Square, next to the Hus Monument on Old Town Square, in front of the Old New Synagogue, etc".  There, they will receive a list of clues and questions.  These questions all have something to do with Prague history and give directions as to where to find the information, such as "In 1415, a reformer named Jan Hus was burned at the stake in Constance due to his urging the people of Prague not to purchase the indulgences, that the church was offering at the time.  Where is his famous statue".   There are 15 questions and the "game" takes on the average about 2.5 - 3 hours.

The cost is EUR 200 and includes the following:

- 2 professional, English speaking guides to run the game
- all written materials - 1 per person - instructions and a map of Prague
- certificate of completion - 1 per person - we will need the participants names to fill out the certificate or if these are not yet know, we can give neutral ones with no name.

For larger groups, more guides are needed, especially with younger adults.  Each group should not have more than 10 people - the best is about 5 people.  Each additional English speaking guide costs EUR 100.

At times, school groups would like to give a prize to each person or team.  We can accommodate by providing a prize such as a magnet of Prague or another souvenir to each participant to a Bohemian Glass trophy to be given to the team.  The cost of this is then additional and based on actual cost.

To receive further information, please email us at or call us at 00420 222 518 259 or 00420 604 729 451.

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