Black Light Theater

The 'black box trick'

of using performers dressed in black in a dark playing space has been in use for millenia, starting with the jugglers performing for the emperor in ancient China. Japan developed this technique in its by having puppeteers wear black in order to place complete emphasis on the puppet. In modern theatre the black box trick has been adopted up by Russian director Stanislavski, film director George Melies, and various French avantgarde directors of the 1950s. Among these directors, George Lafaille became an earlier pioneer of Black Light Theatre.Through his influence Czech artists picked up the art form and popularized it in Czechoslovakia and worldwide. By the late 1970s Prague's National Black Light Theatre company was taking the unique Black Light Theatre style on tour throughout Europe. Today several  Czech Black Light Theatre companies show this unusual art form.  We have chosen the best and hope you enjoy it’s surrealistic ambiance.  Have fun!

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The cost is EUR 20 per person.  Delivery charge anywhere in Prague is EUR 25 for as many tickets as you need.  Should you book a private tour with us which is before the performance date needed, your private guide will bring your tickets to you and there is no delivery charge.

Prepayment is possible with major credit cards or PayPal.

The theater is centrally located.  Therefore, depending on which hotel you have chosen as your home in Prague, you may not need any transportation to and from your hotel to the theater and back. 

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