Off the beaten path

Few forgotten places you can't miss!

Prague and the Czech Republic has many well known sites and we certainly take you to all of them.  Just choose what interests you from our large selection of tours.  However, there are many not so well known areas in Prague and the Czech Republic.  Therefore, these areas are not as well visited yet are certainly worth it.  So, enjoy but mums the word.  Tell only to your most loved friends and family.

Sychrov Castle
This castle is a short drive from Prague and is a great representation of the way nobility lived during the 18th century.  It is open Mondays and in the winter.

Krivoklat Castle
This castle has been used in many movies, especially our famour fairytales.

Bead Tour
Do you want to know how the wonderful, glass beads are made?  Come and take this tour with us.  Professional bead makers, rejoice.  Get your genuine, Bohemian beads at a wholesale price on this tour.

Moravian Karst
Stalgmites and stalagtites ... which one grows up and which one down?  Nevermind.  Find out on this incredible dripstone caves tour.

Segway Tour through Prague
You always wanted to try it, right?  Now is your chance.

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