Airport & other transfers

Importatnt information about transfer from and to Prague Airport

For cruise ship transfers from Prague or to Prague from your ship docking in Passau, Nuremberg, Vienna or other European cities, please click "Cruise Ship Transfers"

We would be happy to pick you up from your flight or train and take you to your choice of accommodation in the city.  The simplest way is to order a driver with a car or van or vehicle of your choice, depending on the number in your party.  The drivers perfect English knowledge is not guaranteed, however, you may not need it.  The driver meets you (outside the customs area at the airport or the platform on which your train came in on) with your name written on a visible sign, takes care of your luggage and takes you to the accommodation you specify.  Should you need an English (or the language of your choice) speaking guide as well, this can also be arranged.  Please let us know.

If flying in, we need the following information:

* Your full name/s.
* Arline you are flying with.
* Flight numbers.
* Last city your flight is coming in from.

* Projected time of arrival.

If taking a train, we need the following information:

* Your full name/s.
* Which train station is it coming into in Prague (Holesovice, Hlavni Nadrazi or other) - your ticket will have this information
* Date and time.
* City the train is coming from.
  If you changed trains, the last city.
* Projected time of arrival.

Prices are in EUROS:


Guide only

Driver only with a 4 seater car + 2 guests with luggage

Driver only with a 7 seater van + up to 5 guests with luggage

Driver only with 12 seater minibus
+ up to 8 guests
with luggage

  no transport for 2 people
no guide
for 5 people
no guide
for 8 people
no guide
  EUR 50 EUR 30 EUR 55 EUR 115

Need a larger vehicle?  Please send your inquire by email, we will be happy to accommodate any group.

Link to Prague "Vaclav Havel Ruzyně" airport

! Please note, English knowledge (or the language you have chosen) of our professional guides is guaranteed, however, in case of "Driver only", it is not a given.  Most drivers do not speak English (or any other language than Czech) well, however, often it is not necessary since all they do is pick you up and take you to your destination.  No detailed conversation is necessary.  However, should you require that your transfer includes a person with good English (or the language you have chosen) and knowledge of Prague, please request a guide as well as a driver.  We will be happy to provide you with one.  The cost is above under "Guide only". 

Although many vehicles state that they "seat" a certain number of people, this is often not the case.  They tend to be too small for the total they seat of normal sized adults.  Also, they do not take into account your luggage. 

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