Operation Anthropoid Tour

 Just in time with the film "Anthropoid", this tour takes you to the 3 most important sites of the action.  Your professional, English speaking guide will meet you at your hotel and  take you with the vehicle of your choice and need to first the street on which Reynhard Heidrich was assinated on.  There is a memorial there today to the men that died as a consequence of this action.  After, visit the Heydrichiad Museum where you will get the details of what happened to the 7 men that performed the act.  They were betrayed, found out and died, along with the clergy that was hiding them in the Orthodox Cathedral of Cyril and Methodius. Some were killed by the nazis, some used their last bullet on themselves, making sure they would not be captured.  After these Prague sites, you will be driven to Lidice, one of the two towns (the other is Lezaky) that was raised to the ground by the nazis in retaliation.  All males 16 years and older were shot, children gassed to death or if very young, sent to Germany to be adopted and women sent to concentration camps. 

Duration:  about 6 hours

Prices are in EUROS

Guide only Driver/guide with car
+ up to 3 people 
Guide, driver, car
+ up to 2 people
Guide, driver, van
+ up to 6 people
Approximate entrance fees
per person
EUR 115
 EUR 225
EUR  245 EUR 265 EUR 10
 If you would like to continue with the subject, you can visit Terezin, the concentration camp that is closest to Prague.  Please click here for details and prices.

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