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Tour Name Tour Code Duration Price Frequency More Info Booking
Prague Historical City - bus and headphones T1 2 Hours CZK 390 / person Daily More Info Book
Grand City Tour of Prague - bus and walk T3 3.5 Hours CZK 650 / person Daily More Info Book
Prague Castle Tour - bus & walk T1b 3.5 hours CZK 900 / person Daily More Info Book
Prague All Inclusive T2 6.5 hours CZK 1200 / person Daily More Info Book
Group Segway Tour - 2.5-3 hours SGg 2.5-3 hours CZK 1490 / person daily More Info Book
Segway Sunset Tour SGs 1.5 hours CZK 975 / person daily More Info Book
A Vltava River Cruise with lunch - walk and boat T6 2.5 Hours CZK 750 / person View More Info Book
Prague by Night with dinner - bus and boat T12 3.5 Hours CZK 1100 / person daily More Info Book
Folklore show with dinner T9 4 hours CZK 1350 / person View More Info Book
Terezin - bus and walk T16 5 Hours CZK 1100 / person View More Info Book
Karlovy Vary with lunch - bus and walk T7 10 Hours CZK 1500 / person View More Info Book
Karlstejn Castle - bus and walk T8 5 hours CZK 880 / person View More Info Book
Kutna Hora - bus and walk T10 6 Hours CZK 990 / person View More Info Book
Cesky Krumlov - bus and walk T11 10 Hours CZK 1600 / person View More Info Book
Pilsner Urquell Brewery visit with beer tasting T17 5 hours CZK 1200 / person View More Info Book
Vienna - bus and walk T14 14 Hours CZK 3100 / person View More Info Book
Dresden - bus and walk T13 11 Hours CZK 1950 / Person View More Info Book

Please note, the prices are in CZK.

For these "Join a Group Tours", if paying by credit card, a bank fee of 2% is charged.  Not on the private tours.

Should you have children with you up to 12 years of age or students with a bona fide international student card, please let us know when ordering.  There are discounts available for them.

How does it work?  You choose a tour/s of your choice click the Book button and fill in the booking form. 

  • We send you a reply with a request for a small deposit or credit card quarantee.
  • When the deposit or credit card is received, we send you the voucher with all the details as to where to meet the tour.  If you like, we can pick you up at your hotel in Prague.

The tours are conducted in 10 to 25 seater coaches with drivers and guides and the narration is given in the language or languages that you ordered.  If not specified, we will order the tour/s in English.

However, since you are joining a group, it is not possible to deviate from the itinerary, time, request any changes, etc.  Also, as good as the guides sometimes are, they are not as personal as our private guides, since they have to take care of more people.  Should there not be the required minimum of passengers, which is 4 people (3 for Dresden and 3 for Vienna), the tour does not operate.  You are welcome to take the same tour later or on another day when the minimum is achieved.  Speaking from experience, only during the winter months have we had to reschedule a tour.  During the spring, summer and fall, the tours operate for sure.

  The difference between the Private Tours and the "Join a group tours"

Our private tours are done on a very personal level.  They are custom adjusted to you and your wishes and physical abilities.  We pay personal attention only to you

The "join a group tours" are group tours, where you join an already scheduled group tour.

There are several advantages to the "join a group tours".

  • You pay less

Since there are more people sharing the cost of the guide and transportation, this makes it cheaper for each passenger. This is especially true if you are alone or a couple only. However, the more people you are, the more it makes financial sense to hire a private guide and transportation.

  •  You meet other people

Since there are other people, just like you, taking these tours, you meet people from all over the world travelling with you. This can be very interesting and new friends are being made all the time.

These "Join a group" tours are a "pot luck" of international travelers from just about anywhere.  This can be very exciting and interesting. Usually, the tours are conducted in two languages, sometimes just yours, but be prepared to listen to German or Spanish or Italian or almost any other, along with English. Great if you are studying any of these or would like to brush up.

Should you prefer a personal tour afterall, please return to our "Private Tours"

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