Prague Boat Cruises

 Enjoy Prague from a boat!

Prague is situated on the river "Vltava" (Moldau in German).  This is a river that is about 275 miles long and flows in the south/north direction.  It has always been the lifeline for the city, providing it's people with water as well as transportation.  Our famous classical music composer "Bedrich Smetana" even wrote a musical piece about the river called "Vltava" (Moldau).  Due to the construction of many dams, it is possible to conduct boat tours on the river with fabulous views of the city, day and night.  We have prepared several possible boat cruises for your enjoyment.

1 hour - CZK 325 per person/ca. EUR 13More Information.

2 hours - CZK 490 per person/ca. EUR 19.50  More Information.

2 hours with lunch - CZK 750 per person/ca. EUR 30 with a lunch buffet.  More Information.

3 hours with dinner - CZK 990 per person/ca. EUR 39 with a dinner buffet.  More Information.

Fancy dinner during your 2.5 hour cruise - small boat seating a maximum of 60 people.  Inclusive dinner with choices.  Personal, special, fancy.  CZK 1990/ca. EUR 79 or CZK 2490/ca. EUR 119 per person, depending on seating.  All tables are however next to a window to enable easy viewing.  More Information.

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